Why you should choose RevIVe &
Restore IV Hydration & Wellness

We believe that IV hydration and health defense are essential for your best life. Our team will:

Meet you at your location in Genesee County and surrounding areas.
Provide you with the right mixture of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes formulated just for YOU.
Take you step-by-step through the infusion process and thoroughly explain the benefits of each treatment, while suggesting what is just right for YOUR needs.
Answer ANY questions or concerns you may have.

We're Bringing Better Health Right to Your Doorstep

Schedule our mobile IV therapy in Davison & Traverse City, MI, and Cape Coral, FL

Feeling more sluggish and prone to sickness? Need to rehydrate after a challenging workout or an epic night out? RevIVe & Restore IV Hydration & Wellness offers concierge IV therapy for Davison & Traverse City, MI, and Cape Coral, FL. Once you call our team, we'll come right to your home on the most convenient date. We'll provide vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for better hydration, energy, immune defense and overall health.

Skip the hangover and schedule our concierge IV therapy instead.

Taking Your Vitamins Has Never Been Easier

Ask about our vitamin infusions today

The treatments we offer

Concierge IV therapy comes in many different options. That includes:

  • Hydration IVs: Rehydrate and recover with an IV packed full of electrolytes.
  • IVs with vitamins: Protect your body with natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Energy IVs: Skip the energy drink and schedule our energy-building treatment instead.
  • IV Amino Acids: Research shows these can improve athletic performance and athletic repair.
  • Migraine Relief: Whether Chronic or experiencing a migraine we can offer relief

Whether you're 18 or 80, we'll give you the perfect IV treatment for your needs. Fill out our form today, or you can call us at 810-360-8384.

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I had been sick for 3 days, Michelle came to the rescue with a wonderful boost of vitamins and hydration. I felt better instantly!! I am now a weekly vitamin customer who knows true vitamins and supplements that Revive and restore administer will be a better way to
live!! I highly recommend!!

Tracy D.

Dr. Haigis and wife Michelle have created an awesome way to enhance your health in the comfort of your own home. They are both highly trained licensed medical professionals who bring their knowledge with them. They will customize your experience to whatever you need. Whether you are recovering from too much fun the night before or you are having a party and want to provide a healthy enhancement. Revive and Restore is the new "Botox Party" except it's for everyone.

Charles G.