The team at Revive & Restore is so knowledgeable and personable! My husband and I have used their concierge service multiple times and the results of the infusions and injections is amazing! They will personalize it to exactly what you need to help you feel your best

Amanda Fess

Dr. Brendan and Michelle Haigis have been instrumental in helping maintain my health and fitness. They both have a wide body of knowledge that has been extremely helpful with staying healthy. I just tell them what I'm having trouble with health wise and they give me the remedy. 5/5 Stars! Amazing experience EVERYTIME!

Charles Goetz

So happy to find Michelle and her Revive and restore IV business. she is a God send to me! Thankful to God for renewing my health!

Debra S.

Absolutely amazing procedure!! Makes you feel phenomenal!! Highly recommend!!

Jesse V.

I would highly recommended the injections!
I Love that they come right to you !
Michelle is just the sweetest ! Thank you for all you do !

Debbie S.

Highly recommend using Michelle for her services!! Not only is it amazing that she travels to you, but she has so much knowledge and was so helpful in explaining the different options!!! 10/10 recommend!

Samantha M.

My boyfriend and I had our first infusion today. We enjoyed our time.
The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and kind! Made us feel
comfortable and walked us through the process. We will be back!

Sherry S.

I have extreme anxiety that is mostly controlled with meds.. But I
had a very bad week and had zero appetite, severe nausea amongst other
things. I had to leave work early and went straight there. Emily was
so caring and figured out exactly what I needed. I woke up feeling
like a new person! Coworkers were surprised to see me at work the next

Jaclyn S.

I had been sick for 3 days, Michelle came to the rescue with a
wonderful boost of vitamins and hydration. I felt better instantly!! I
am now a weekly vitamin customer who knows true vitamins and
supplements that Revive and restore administer will be a better way to
live!! I highly recommend!!

Tracy D.

Michelle is great. Tried an IV infusion and a booster shot. Michelle
was timely, professional, knowledgeable, and comforting! Michelle
preformed the service at my house and I felt very comfortable with
having her there, she was organized and prepared. upon my
squeamishness of an IV she was helpful, understanding, and comforting
to my reaction. Just a few days following the infusion and shot I felt
the effects. Even helped with my weightless plateau! Will be using her
services again.

Hailey M.

I didn't know that I could feel this good! RevIVe & Restore is very
knowledgeable about their products and industry. I was skeptical at
first, but was truly astounded by the results. The mobile service is
AMAZING! I've started to schedule monthly infusions at my work because
they help that much. You have no idea what you're missing, book an
appointment today!!

Ashley Barber